SHARP TVs powered by Onyx reach Italy

SHARP TVs powered by Oregan’s Onyx browser are now available for on the Italian market. The technology developted by the British-based Oregan Networks with as the Over The Top (OTT) media delivery engine powering Internet functionality through the TV. The new SHARP LC32-LE225 model allows users to browse popular internet video and social networking sites without the use of a PC or source personal media content from other devices that have storage capabilities using Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA) protocols for connectivity over wired or wireless networks.

The TVs come pre-set in the local language on all services through the Onyx media browser and new content and apps can also be delivered on a regular basis through Oregan’s remote upgrade and an Apps store function. Oregan’s browser-based OTT services use in SHARP’s products is growing popular with leading commercial and public content service providers such as Amazon, Lovefilm, BBC and Blinkbox which are all downloadable through the TVs in the UK.

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