Gen Con 2011 – InstantFX will bring your imagination to virtual reality

The visual team of the Mind’s Eye online series, Synn Studios, has brought visitors of Gen Con a chance to have their favorite super-power become possible; well, in the form of video anyways.  This process is filmed in front of the green screen acting out the use of the power that was requested.  Then after some waiting, you will receive the edited video on a flash drive for you to then share with friends and family.  Unfortunately, there are no sample video’s yet.  In fact, this was Synn Studio’s first big convention offering the InstantFX service to customers.  They even mentioned that the InstantFX website is still in production.  In the meantime, you can check out some of Synn Studios work in Mind’s Eye here:  Also, find out more about Synn studios at

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James Wilhelm
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