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With every advance that has been made in the fields of each of our favorite technological devices, there has been one constant. It seems that in order to improve and promote new versions of the devices common in homes today, there has been a great emphasis placed on “thinner” and “more compact” designs. The iPod, the iPad, the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook, and all of the notebooks and netbooks out there have all come out in various forms, getting thinner and more lightweight every time. The problem comes in where we, collectively as a people, seem to want these thinner and more lightweight designs, but as these devices are not cheap, we also want to find ways to add protection to them. We buy them cases, sleeves, and screen protection. More often than not, the cases that are available add at least half an inch onto the thickness of the device. The people at GelaSkins recognized this problem, and said “No more! Not only will we design protection that is effective and ultra-thin, we will also provide it in an array of beauty!”

You can personalize your devices like never before with the seemingly never-ending supply of artist’s work available on GelaSkins. It is much like Threadless in the fashion that it accepts designs and artwork from lesser known artists, and provides them with a portion of the profits made from sales of their designs. New artwork is added all the time, and it is staggeringly difficult to choose just one for your device. When the kind people at GelaSkins provided me with a promotional coupon with which to purchase a skin for my iPad 2, I agonized over the decision for a couple of weeks. In the end, I chose “The Enamored Owl” by Alberto Cerriteno. I was thrilled when it arrived, because it was even more beautiful in reality than it was on the website. Seeing it full-size and in actual color was a happy experience and I could not wait to apply it.

At first I was worried that the application would be difficult, because I am all-too-familiar with the application for ZAGG’s popular Invisible Shield products; those would have me steaming up my bathroom for a humid dust-free application environment and then agonizing over the alignment for at least half an hour. Not so with GelaSkins. You simply peel the design from it’s backing like a giant sticker and align it on your device, sticking it very lightly at the top corners and then aligning it as best you can with the bottom edges. Then, smooth it out from top to bottom to avoid any air bubbles. No liquid to deal with, very little realignment necessary, the application process can be done in under a minute. Worried that it might get stuck on misaligned and then not re-adhere once you pull it off, line it up, and want to stick it back down again? Not a concern at all. In fact, as I found out with my iPad 2, you can have your GelaSkin on your device, peel it off and stick it back on the backing it was shipped on, and then reapply it to a new device at least once. I had to take my iPad in for repairs and my GelaSkin was already applied. I very carefully removed it and stuck it back onto it’s original backing. While the skin got a little stretched out in the process, in the hour and a half it took for me to drive home from the Apple store it had reshaped itself and was ready to be reapplied to my new iPad and has protected it without any adherence issues for a over month now.

In conclusion: GelaSkins are the perfect answer for anyone that would like to protect their electronic devices without the bulk of conventional cases, or for those who would like to add a little bit of personal flair by adding an original piece of artwork to their device. If a design you like is not currently in print for your device, you can use the “Create Your Own” tool and upload your own artwork or add a design that you like to your favorites and customize it to the dimensions of your device. GelaSkins are fashionable, durable, and just as cheap, or more often times cheaper than any other case you could buy. I decided to coordinate the color of my Apple SmartCover with my GelaSkin and have been complimented a number of times when using my iPad on the go. Overall, I give this product a five out of five gears. There is no criticism I can offer that could possibly make this product better. While some may complain that the GelaSkin doesn’t completely cover every corner of the device, it is an unavoidable side effect of having an adherent skin. Were they to print the design to cover the back of the device entirely it would not apply smoothly without cutting slits or triangles in the corners so that it would lay flat and adhere without any bubbles or ripples.

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Serra Wallerius
Serra Wallerius is an avid gamer, technology enthusiast and professional photographer. She attended Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine to receive her Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a focus in photography and has a studio located in Battle Creek, MI.