The TekGoblin Show Trailer

Here is a trailer for the upcoming TekGoblin Show Podcast. We hope to offer an entertaining show with topics ranging from Technology to Games (without trampling over the toes of our other DualStix Gaming Podcast). The hosts will change from time to time, depending on availability but our plan is to offer a quality an informative podcast for our listeners. At the current moment we are unsure of if the Podcast will be Weekly or Bi-Weekly. However, the Podcast’s will be done in video with a separate link for either the audio only version and the video version (depending on your viewing preferences).
So stay tuned for more details!

If you want to take part in the podcast, or share some topics you think would be good for the show, e-mail us.



Matt Jurek
Solomon Massele
Andrew Wilson

With a special guest Tristan Thomas

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Andrew Wilson
Andrew has been poking and prodding computers for 11 years who occasionally writes about Technology and Video Games while working towards getting his Bachelors in Computer Engineering. He is also one of the contributors to the Let's Play's on the site.
  • Bradley Wint

    Looking forward to the show guys

  • Andrew Wilson

    We are looking forward to doing them as well!
    also, I promise to wear more suitable clothing next time. 

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