Gen Con 2011: Leviathans, Monsters In The Sky

Walking around the Gen Con floor, my eyes were drawn to a large table with detailed steampunk-looking flying ships. Resembling sea going navies from the beginning of the 20th century, the model ships had one distinct different. They travel through the air instead of the water.

Leviathans is set in an alternate 1910, in which Tesla (the scientific “father” of electricity), devises a material which provides cheap clean lift, almost a form of anti-gravity. Attached to the sides of ships, the wet navies of the early 20th century take to the air, and battles are fought across the heavens.

I was lucky enough to get a gameplay demonstration from one of the designers of the game.

One thing I was surprised about was that I hadn’t heard of this game before, and asked about it. Turns out the game hasn’t even started production yet, (delayed by the tsunami in Japan), let alone been sold in stores. However, interest has been strong and Catalyst says that despite delays it’s still on track to be released this year. They have a website up and running with updates and more information.

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