Gen Con 2011: Neverwinter – new video game and new D&D campaign setting

Being a fan of the Neverwinter Nights video game series, I was excited to hear about a new Neverwinter MMORPG about a year ago. Since finishing Neverwinter Nights 2 and expansions, I have sampled D&D.  However by the time I played, D&D was already into 4th edition and I found many differences from my experience with Neverwinter Nights.  I was hooked after my first D&D game day.  Fourth edition was a nice way to get into the true D&D format coming from the world of PC gaming.  In addition, I regularly started to play in the familiar setting of Forgotten Realms.

Here at Gen Con, I was able to get a few questions in the Wizards booth which was busy due to their release of a Neverwinter campaign setting alongside with the Neverwinter video game.  I questioned the difference of Forgotten Realms vs. Neverwinter.  They said that Neverwinter has so much going on that it can be its own campaign setting.  This will also feature factions, but no details were provided.  I am definitely excited for what is to come in the world of Neverwinter and being to play in those environments.  Sadly, I was unable to demo either the D&D campaign, nor did they have a playable demo of the game.  However, I will repost this video that was shown at E3.
Also, here is a link for the official Neverwinter page on Wizards of the Coast’s website

Until then, happy gaming.

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