Apple iCloud Goes Live, but Unavailable to Public

Apple has released their iCloud website Monday, but the cloud based services still seems to be a work-in-progress. Access to the site is reportedly available only to existing MobileMe customers on Mac OS X desktops and notebooks.

The site seems to hint that the iCloud service may not be ready for universal use, as the bright yellow “beta” banner is attached to the log-in screen. While some MobileMe users are reporting the ability to log into, others are prompted to move their existing MobileMe mail, contacts, calendar, and bookmarks over to iCloud with a popup windows that doesn’t seem to be functional.

The reason behind this might be a lack of support for iOS devices. iPad and iPhone users can access the landing page, but apparently cannot get past the same “Coming Soon” screen. “MobileMe Web Apps are currently blocked from iOS mobile users, apparently because Apple’s mobile browser does not support the ‘real web’ well enough to work acceptably with them,” according to AppleInsider. “This prevents iOS users from accessing a secondary account.”

Web searches have pieced together that only MobileMe customers using Macs with OS X Lion installed can get inside, and even then it is not certain if those are the only requirements. However, Tablets and smartphones running Google’s Android and other non-iOS mobile operating systems are also unable to get past the “Coming Soon” screen which informs visitors to “download the iOS native apps,” which currently does not exist for those devices.

The site is claimed to be aimed only towards developers, but the reports from those who gained access to the iCloud site said that it features all new web apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts and more including a portal for users to view their iWork documents that are stored via iCloud.


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