This could be what the iPhone 5 looks like

An iPhone 5 copy cat has been released out of China. The phone was built at the same place the actual iPhone 5 is being built. The copycat phone ties in with what the iPhone 5 was predicted to look like as well. The copycat iPhone also looks like they spent extra time making it perfect unlike other copycat iPhones.

It actually matches the iPhone 5 cases that have been popping up on the internet as well. And the iPhone 5 was also rumored to have a curved edge more like a merged iPhone 4 and 3Gs.  The phone looks great at first glance, however we cannot judge it fully to be the next iPhone until we see it operational and a more authentic version. However, this is a start. Look out for the actual iPhone 5 this fall around September.

Ill tell you what, I’m certainly excited to find out if this is what the iPhone 5 will look like.


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