Anonymous Claims Network Intrusion on FBI Cyber-Security Contractor ManTech

As promised, Anonymous has embarrassed the FB with a network attack, going after its defense contractor ManTech International.

Anonymous has claimed to have “owned” the defense contractor ManTech International and promised to release the stolen information within 24 hours according to a Twitter post that appeared shortly after midnight on July 29th.

Some documents have already been posted as “teasers”, including a resume of an individual with significant military and law enforcement background and a statement of work memo from NATO communication and Information Systems Services Agency. About 500MB of files are expected to be released.

This latest attack is an apparent retaliation of the recent arrests of individuals who are accused of participating in Anonymous group hacking attacks. Earlier this week, news reports about British police arresting a suspected members of hacker group Lulzsec and regular updates on Twitter about people cancelling PayPal accounts in protest, Anonymous posted the following warning on Twitter, “Also Tomorrow: Expect something nice. Looks like the FBI asked for a slap in the face. Well, we can deliver. #FFF (On Thursday, who cares).”

The group said the attacks will continue regardless of arrests. “We are not scared anymore. Any threats to arrest us are meaningless. We are past threats. We just act. #AntiSec #FFFriday,” the group posted via twitter.

ManTech provides cyber-security services around-the-lock intrusion-detection monitoring, security engineering, and incident identification and response. It is in a 5 years contract with the FBI’s security division as part of a $99.5 million deal. The company also provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, cyber-threat analysis and specialized cyber-training services.

Other clients include the National Security Agency and the departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security, among others.


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