Chinese Couple Sells Children for Video Games

A Chinese couple sold their three children to fund their online gaming habit.

According to Sanxiang City News, Li Lin and Li Juan met at an internet cafe back in 2007. A year later the parents who were under the age of 21 – welcomed their first child, a son. In 2009 they had their second child, a baby girl, at this time they came up with the wild idea to sell her for money to fund their online game obsession.

They received around $500 for her, which they blew through quickly after. The couple then proceeded to sell their first child for around $4600. Shortly later they had another child, a boy again, and sold him as well for $4600.

They were reported to the authorities by Li Lin’s mother upon finding out what her son and his girlfriend had done.

The parents were asked if they missed their children, to which the parents responded,

“We don’t want to raise them; we just want to sell them for some money.”

The couple had no knowledge what they were doing was against the law. However, for China, online gaming has had a history of being troublesome. A year ago China’s Ministry of Culture issued new regulations banning children from purchasing online currency to buy items in games.

The new rules also included restrictions on “Unwholesome and corrupting content” and kids’ gaming time. The controls are made possible by a requirement that online game players register with their real names. Minors are banned from buying or selling items with virtual currencies, although the purchase of “products or services” will be allowed.

This has caused game companies to develop “techniques” to limit children’s gaming time in order to prevent addiction, an issue that has been in the headlines in China since a series of deaths among “Internet-Addicted youths” in 2009.

The games the parents were playing however have not been disclosed.


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