Best Buy Trade-In/Subscription Program to Rival Gamestop

Best BuyBest Buy has started sending emails to their Gamers Club members that starting in September will offer deals for trading in and purchasing their upgraded service that will rival that of Gamestop’s. Gamestop currently offers you a Power Ups Platinum membership that includes a year subscription to Game Informer, 10% off used games and 10% bonus on trade-ins. You do get points that allow you to get swag and more for games that you purchase and trade in too.

Best Buy is saying that they are going to offer much the same, here’s an excerpt from the email that they sent out to their consumers that are current Gamer Club Members.

“Reward Zone® Gamers Club is leveling up. On September 12, 2011, you will begin earning double points on new game software, including digital content and accessories purchases. Plus, for $14.99 per year, you can join the optional paid level—Gamers Club Unlocked—where you’ll enjoy access to even greater benefits:

• A free subscription to @Gamer, the exclusive gaming

• 10% off all pre-owned software purchases

• 10% bonus credit on trade-in software

• Reward Zone Gamers Club exclusive offers”

The other great thing is, while you’re not getting the points for swag like you do from Gamestop, you will get great coupons in the @Gamer magazine; which saving money is always good.

Is Best Buy trying to kick Gamestop to the curb? Well we know this much; they’re making a good stab at it. Sound off below with your take.

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