Is the iPod Touch Following Suit With the Zune HD?

Are media players dead? So many people own a phone, and many of those phones are smartphones. All of those increasing smartphone sales hurt the portable media player (pmp) industry severely. I remember the days when people used cassette players; now you can barely find them. Currently, the two main pmp’s out there are the Microsoft Zune and the Apple iPod. A recent earnings release for Apple shows a significant decline in the number of iPods sold in the past year. They sold almost 2 million less iPods compared to last year. Also, a few weeks back the official Microsoft Zune store closed, but they kept on producing Zune devices. The cause of this drastic change for both Microsoft and Apple is the rising number of people purchasing iPhones, Windows Phones or Android devices, which all have the same music capabilities of a pmp. Those smartphone users have a phone and a media player all in one device so there is no need for them to invest in a pmp. What do you think about these findings? Do you think that the portable media player will slowly disappear? Let us know.

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Kyle Paddock
I am in my senior year of high-school. My goal is to graduate college with a BS in Computer Engineering and move on to work for Microsoft. I have wanted to review product for a few years now but I never had a website to post them on. I started learning about computers was in 6th grade. Got my first computer. A Windows 95 system. And it all started from there.
  • Andrew Wilson

    Until phones comes with 120GB of internal storage or more they can never replace my Zune. Also, they would need to make the battery life a lot better as well. Most phones require charging every day if you are using the phone, texting, going on the web, listening to music while with my Zune, just listening to music can last me at least 2-4 days without needing to plug it in. I don’t doubt in the future this might happen, but right now, phones aren’t anywhere close to being able to multi-task to that degree without costing as much as a video game console and a home theater system combined. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but how many people listen to all of their 120GB of music. And with Google Music beta and iCloud coming out the amount of people who need a dedicated media player will go down.

  • Joe Murray

    I have a WP7, but it cannot replace my Zune HD for quite a few reasons including the lack of memory, battery life and size.  Has anyone actually tried to strap a big ass smartphone to their arm to go to the gym or out running?  It doesn’t work!  There is also the issue of the Zune software in the phone, it’s nowhere near as good as in the Zune HD; no Smart DJ ( I know it’s coming in Mango), the lack of ability to pin artists to quickplay, no “related artist” feature etc.. 
    There are other reasons for both Microsoft and Crapple to stay in the PMP market.  One being the fact that not every parent wants to fork over the money for a smartphone and the associated plan just so their kid can have a music player.  Heck, not every parent wants their kids to have a phone at all…  It would be incredibly stupid of MS and Crapple to stop PMP production as they would loose many customers. 

  • Dig The Noise

    Easier to run and bike with my Zune HD than it is with my WP7 HTC HD7, so gotta have my Zune HD.

  • Ulysses Rodriguez

    I don’t think the PMP market will die. Well think about it, I wouldn’t like taking my huge iPhone around while running, it’s a hassle. 

  • Anonymous

    Until phones don’t have any sort of monthly fee, I’ll keep using my iPod.

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