3G Capable iPod Touch Might Release This Fall According To iOS 5 Features

iPod Touch 3G

A screenshot has surfaced on the internet today which gives clues to a possible 3G capable iPod Touch in the future. The screenshot shows a iPod running iOS 5 with an option to either enable or disable its cellular data.

Now its possible that Apple made a mistake by leaving the option available on the iPod Touch in iOS 5 which traditionally is only a iPhone feature. However this feature is not exactly the same as the one available on the current version of the iPhone the current version only shows an option to turn on and off 3G data. The reason for the enable and disable 3G currently is because the iPhone can drop back to Edge if 3G is not present.

So this option in iOS 5 has different wording than the one in the current iOS version we cannot confirm that its the same on an iPhone running iOS 5 because we do not have a developers account to install it. Apple has also been said to be building a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone which is where this option could also come into play. Whatever it is, it has made us curious and we can’t wait till the fall arrives for the announcement.


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