Apple Could Purchase Hulu

The rumors around who is going to purchase Hulu have been all over the place recently. Now they have stopped and everyone is looking at Apple as the potential buyer.

 Bloomberg believes that Apple is looking to place an offer to purchase the service in the near future. They also specify that this rumor should be taken with great skepticism because talks could mean just a lunch meeting between Apple and Hulu.

If this rumor turns out to be accurate then Apple would be looking into streaming media more heavily than we thought. Apple could leverage the Apple TV by including a TV streaming service built right into it most likely though the iTunes Store.

Apple has the infrastructure in place with their new data center but the acquisition of Hulu may provide them with the licensing deals and an already proven streaming infrastructure. Apple will be able to leverage Hulu’s infrastructure that is already in place while they continue to develop theirs. The only thing Apple has to worry about is if the licensing deals with the movie and TV companies will transfer to Apple from Hulu. Amazon was also considering to bid but will not if the licensing deals cannot be maintained in the transfer.

With Apples recent earnings call which show Apple bringing in approximately $24 billion in Q2 of 2011 they can definitely afford the purchase. I have to say, I am excited about this deal, Apple has the potential to take the service to places it has never been. I for one would like to see its premium service lose its ads. If Netflix can maintain itself without ads so can Hulu.



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