Google Helps to Prevent Malware

Google has once again used it’s major influence as a web search giant to protect it’s users by launching a new feature on Google Search to detect and warn you about malware on your system. Previously we have seen this sort of protection in the form of a webpage that would be displayed after clicking on a website in Google Search that would bring up an all red page that would warn users that the page they are going to may potentially be harmful to their system.

Google released on their Official Blog that they recently noticed an unusual pattern in their search traffic while doing maintenance on one of their data servers. As it turned out, the computers who were creating this unusual pattern were all infected with a particular strain of malware, and after collaborating with security engineers from several companies who were sending the modified traffic, Google created a bar (shown above) that will appear if your computer appears to be operating with the signs of malware on your system.

The malware they are targeting is one that causes a users system to send traffic to Google through intermediary servers or “proxies”. By notifying customers of this, Google hopes they can help their users by informing them to update their antivirus software and remove the infections.

Google also provides an article in their Help Center that can scan your computer manually instead of waiting until the bar appears in Google Search.


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