15 Year Old Boy Faces Charges For File Sharing

A 15 year old boy from Gothenburg, Sweden if facing charges from international movie companies which is likely the MPAA for downloading and sharing 30 movies online. The 15 year old will likely face fines and not have prison time because of his age.

Sweden has in the past been leniant or gentle with infringers but since the rise and fall of The Pirate Bay, they have since succumbed to international movie companies. Ever since that, Sweden now punishes more file-sharers than any other country in Europe which can range from fines up to imprisonment for up to 2 years.

The question is, will Sweden actually fine this young child and face a PR disaster or will they just give him a slap on the wrist. The movie studios think that an example must be made for other 15 year old’s out there so they do not make the same mistakes as this one has. The funny thing is, is that in the US for the same offense you would get an email telling you about a copyright alert while in Sweden you get fined or sent to jail.


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