DualStix by TekGoblin Episode 2 – Hellos and Goodbyes

Ep. 2 – Hellos and Goodbyes
On todays show we talk about DLC in the mainscreen; we introduce two new participants to the show, Nate who works at a blank and home store, and Chris, who was found wondering in the parking lot. We close the show with a little throwback with Retro 5. On a semi-sad note we say goodbye to Aaron, and send him out into the wastes to bring gameing to the gameless. Which inturn makes me, Trenton, your new lord and master or host I guess that title will do… long my I rule.

In the show:
Trenton Bailey GT: willifrbottm
Aaron Cooley GT:  gamerjunky4413
Conner Bays GT: Kanswerus
Nate Robinson GT: lefty fu
Chris Craig GT: GC COBRA X

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