Samsung Infuse 4G Review

Your first look at this phone with its giant 4.5 Super AMOLED Plus screen edged in black chrome will have you thinking that you will be paying over $200 for it even with 2-year contract pricing discounts. The phone sells for only $199 on contract with AT&T. That is an amazing price when taking the aesthetics of this phone into account. However, you may be asking, is it worth it even at $199? Let’s go and see.

The Infuse 4G runs Android 2.2 with Samsung’s TouchWiz. I think that they need to expeditiously develop and release an update to 2.3 to enable new features. Samsung does pack some amazing features with their TouchWiz software.

It’s just 8.9mm for most of the device and bulges and the bottom of the device to 9.24mm. This phone must be thin to hide the phone’s overall size, which is considerably large. Its gorgeous 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display is a stunning piece of hardware. The device is incredibly light at only 131g.
The phone has a black chrome edging that runs along the side. The back of the device is made of high quality plastic. You can pry the back up with your fingernail to reveal a gigantic 1,750mAh battery, a SIM card slot and a microSD card. Samsung includes a 2GB microSD card. The phone has 2 built in partitions. One is 2GB and the other main one is 13GB totaling to 15GB of available space minus the microSD card. On the back of the device you can find the speaker and camera. The speaker emanates a loud, crisp, and clear sound. The camera contains an 8 megapixel sensor with an LED flash capable of recording 720p video with auto-focus. You can output the video over HDMI, but you will need a powered adapter in order to do so effectively. On the front of the device there is also a VGA camera, useful for self portraits and video chat. The phone is powered by a small 1.2 Ghz processor but runs smoothly.

In this device, Samsung decided to utilize another gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus display.
This 4.5 inch screen has the same 800 x 480 resolution of its predecessors, so you will have a slightly lower pixel density but the amazing brightness and contrast of this display compensate for that. In my opinion, Samsung has created one of the best mobile phone screens. The screen appears amazing. The screen renders incredible shadow detail with deep blacks, blazing whites, and seemingly endless viewing angles.

Network Speed
The Infuse 4G is AT&T’s first 21Mbps HSPA+ smartphone. With all of my speed tests I was unable to find a consistent speed. Even if I didn’t move at all one moment I would get high and the next low. The 4G speeds are not even in the ballpark of Verizon and T-Mobile. The GPS signal works nicely for directions. It was able to pick up signal quickly, and hassle-free.

Pictures taken with the camera were sharp, bright, and crisp. The 720p video was some of the best video I have ever seen taken with a mobile phone. The camera will auto-focus automatically.

Samsung went over and beyond on this phone which is the usual standard for Samsung. People with big hands are going to fall in love with this phone. However, sadly, it is not as fast as the Atrix. It still wins out over it with a stunning screen, and huge battery. I give this phone 4.5 of 5 gears.

4.5/5 Gears

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