Hotmail Adds New Feature “My Friends Been Hacked”

hotmail hackedThe people at Hotmail have added a new feature to help combat hijacked accounts. They call it the “My Friends Been Hacked” button.

When you think that your friends account may have been compromised and is sending out spam, just flag the message with “My Friends Been Hacked” and Hotmail will put the account in recovery mode which will cause a password reset. When the account has been determined to be hijacked, the spammer will immediately lose all access to the account in question.

Hotmail even went further, if you get a spam email from users on Yahoo or Gmail accounts you can even report those and the reports will go to the right people. The people at Hotmail claim that the feature has only been active for a couple of weeks but they have already identified thousands of compromised accounts.

Hotmail is also working hard to eliminate accounts that have simple passwords such as “12345678” and “password” by increasing security measures and not allowing simple passwords to be created. These changes are welcomed, even if I don’t use Hotmail anymore.


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  • tmlee

    that is sure some “feature” by Microsoft..
    on the side note, boiler up! i go to Purdue too

  • Anonymous

    I know somebody who’s hotmail account got disabled via this feature – they weren’t spamming either

  • Andrew Wilson

    You know you have a good e-mail system when this button NEEDS to exist rather than just be an included feature. 

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