Free Telegeography Map Online Shows Underwater Internet Cables

A South African Technologist by the name of Greg Mahlknecht recently released a website which shows the location of underwater internet cables over a Google maps image of the world. The map shows almost all known underwater cables running from the US to Europe and even South America and Africa.

The site allows you to chose to see ‘Active’ cables and ‘Future’ cables as well as looking over a list of the current cables which offers the ability to select a certain cable and find out how many landings, how long and how fast the cable is. Mahlknecht is also asking the help of others to improve his map to make it be more comprehensive and offer greater accuracy than the current Telegeography map.

A quote from Mahlknecht’s site reads:

Greg’s Cable Map is an attempt to consolidate all the available information about the undersea communications infrastructure. The initial data was harvested from Wikipedia, and further information was gathere by simply googling and transcribing as much data as possible into a useful format, namely a rich geocoded format. I hope you find the resource useful and any constructive criticism is welcome…

Overall Mahlknecht hopes to offer the map as a free download once all the kinks and accuracy is all in check. You can find the map over at


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