Kinect helps surgeons in the operating room

kinect-hospitalWhen you go to a hospital, one of the last things you expect to see among the various intimidating surgical tools is an Xbox Kinect. At Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Canada however, it is becoming a common sight and a helpful tool for surgeons.

One of the biggest concerns with typical medical procedures is that infection and disease are a constant risk when a patient is undergoing surgery, and as such, surgeons have to go through various cleaning techniques in order to ensure no contamination may befall them or the patient. Typically a surgeon must go in and out of the surgery room to get updates and look at other medical files on a computer outside of the surgery room in order to ensure a safe surgery, which can make even basic surgery longer than necessary.

Another problem is that because it takes so long to go in and out of a surgery room some doctors don’t use all the tools available to them or have to remember certain information by memory in order to get through a procedure as quickly as possible which can cause necessary risks. However, with just a gesture of the hand doctors can use the Kinect to access important information or access controls for other devices without ever having to leave the operating room and re-sterilizing.

It’s just one of the many cool things developed thanks to the creation of the Kinect and Microsofts release of the Kinect SDK.

Watch the video to see it in action:


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