34% of iPhone owners think the 4 is 4G

iPhone 4 4G RetrevoAn interesting study was just released by Retrevo which indicates that a startling 34% of iPhone 4 owners are confused as to what “4” actually means. iPhone owners who had an iPhone 3G knew that the 3G actually stood for 3G so that is where the confusion has stemmed from. iPhone 4 owners think that the 4 means 4G.

According to the research 61% of iPhone owners do not really care if the next version is 4G or not, they will buy the new model anyways.

Even more interesting is that 24% of Blackberry owners believe that they have a 4G phone and Blackberry currently does not have a 4G model out on the market.

Remember, the 4 in iPhone 4 does not mean 4G- it is still a 3G phone, maybe the iPhone 5 will have 4G support. With the continued growth of 4G networks in the US, it is going to become highly more probable that the iPhone will have 4G support in the near future.

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