Samsung to Apple: We Don’t Like Your Lawyers

Well this is a nice twist in the case against Samsung and Apple, now Samsung says Apple is using it’s previous lawyers.

Apple is using the law firm Bridges & Mavrakakis and the specific lawyers from the firm have previously represented Samsung. This is where the problem comes in, Samsung believes that the lawyers Apple is using have too much information on Samsung patent strategy that another lawyer wouldn’t have.

Bridges & Mavrakakis has said that even though they represented Samsung at some point, the technology field is ever changing so that information is no longer relevant in their opinion and said ““prior representation of Samsung was not substantially related to the current matter.” The “matter” they are referring to is when Samsung and Sony were at it about the Sony Ericcson which has also been added to the Apple dispute.

Samsung wants Apple to completely drop representation by Bridges & Mavrakakis but on top of that Samsung wants Apple to drop their outside counsel as well. The reason being that the lawyers from Bridges & Mavrakakis would have had contact with the lawyers at the other firms and had access to the same confidential information about Samsung. We shall see how Apple responds to this in the weeks to follow in the suit, take a look at what Samsung said below:

“Samsung is confronted with the incredulous situation of now finding these former trusted counsel working on behalf of Apple. Over the years, these attorneys not only provided Samsung with in-depth legal advice regarding global litigation strategy, but also detailed technical analysis of Samsung mobile devices. Their work included preparing and overseeing claim construction charts, working with experts, coordinating with Samsung’s in-house and business teams to craft strategy and develop facts relating to patent litigation about Samsung’s mobile devices, including fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory term (‘FRAND’) arguments, analyzing Samsung’s patent portfolio relating to mobile technology, and reviewing technical specifications and other documents, including privileged documents relating to Samsung’s mobile technology patents. Through their representation of Samsung, these attorneys obtained unfettered access and insights into Samsung’s approach to patent litigation.”


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