Microsoft patents detachable dual-screen smartphone

A patent has emerged on the internet that was filed by Microsoft back in 2009 and has only recently seen the light of day. The patent suggests that Microsoft was looking into creating a dual-screen smartphone with a detachable screen.

The second screen on the phone would detach and provide other functions such as a remote for a DVR or Windows Media Center. The screen would be able to perform simple functions that come in handy say if you are using the other side of the phone to make a call as pictured above. The second screen can also be propped up to display a video or other form of media. The patent also suggests that the detachable screen can also function as an external keyboard if you need it to be one. I am sure many other functions could come to mind with the right apps installed.

We aren’t sure if Microsoft is even looking into creating this device anymore. I will keep my fingers crossed, because this could be a great device if implemented correctly.


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