iPad 3 to release this fall, Apple could add second manufacturer to meet demand

Digitimes reports today that Apple may be actually looking to add another manufacturer to meet iPad 3 demands for a fall release. Taiwan-based Quanta Computer and Petagron Technology is the likely candidate to help manufacture the iPad 3 along side Foxconn Electronics.

If Apple does release a newer version of the iPad this year, it is likely that it will not be a new model but an upgraded version of the current model. Current rumors suggest that the next iPad will be likely called “iPad Plus” or “iPad HD” which will be similar to the “Pro” line of products that Apple currently has.

The next iPad should release in the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter with 13 million tablets shipped for release.

I find the iPad HD or iPad Plus or even Pro rumors to be very likely as Apple already has this kind of marketing within its product line.


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