Resistance 3 Creator, Insomniac Games, Responds to Negativity Surrounding the PSN Pass

resistance 3

Pictures surfaced earlier this week of the new Resistance 3 bundle, and hinted at the new PSN Pass that will be required to access online content for the game. This is the first time that PlayStation, or any other video game developer, has rolled out such a program, much like that of Electronic Arts.

Fans of both Sony and the Resistance series have strongly opposed the use of such a code and have sounded off across the internet in protest. Many fans have said that they will not even purchase a copy of the game because of the use of the new pass. According to, Insomniac games community leader James Stevenson, today decided to respond to all of the negative press surrounding them, their new game, and the PSN Pass itself stating in the Insomniac Forums:

“If you buy R3 new, nothing will change and the PSN pass is free inside the box. There is no “monthly fee” more specifics when I can share.” And also coming in the form of a Twitter post a short while later: “Not buying Resistance 3 hurts Insomniac more than Sony. Will you not buy any future Sony games?”

It appears that Sony and Insomniac Games will be glued to the charts a short time after the September 6th release of the game to see if the PlayStation Pass does in fact reflect poorly on sales for Resistance 3. Does or would the PlayStation Pass affect your decision on buying the game? Comment below!

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  • Anonymous

    PASS does not reflect poorly.  The fact that the game is unwinable for a casual gamer is evidence that insomniac has lost track of their user base.  Casual gamers are those that pay the bills for their gaming development and endeavoers.  Anger them at your peril.  I loved resistance 1 and 2 but cannot play through Resistance 3 because it is too hard. I don’t have time to devote to develop the skills to win, I  think I should be able to win on easy/casual, but cannot.

    Screw all you jerks at insomniac who think you are so clever that you make the casual level hard,  Hahahaha the joke is on you, I buy, OR NOT, your games and decide if you make it or not.  The answer here is NOT.   Guess if I will buy your products again?……

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