Nintendo’s Iwata Promises More Software for Wii U than the Wii… Is that really the problem?


Nintendo investors met today via conference call in regards to Nintendo’s plans going forward with two new systems, one which is currently on the market, the 3DS, and the eventual release of the Wii U. During the conference call an investor asked Mr. Iwata, President of Nintendo, how Nintendo planned to avoid the issues with software that the Nintendo Wii suffered from.

In response, Mr. Iwata painted a grisly picture with the pitfalls that the Wii endured with software sales, according to an article by, “At the times the Nintendo DS and the Wii were released, we could not make the software publishers appreciate our systems highly and count on them. At the time, Nintendo was driven to the edge of the ring. Software publishers put some effort into creating some titles, but the sales did not reach their expectations on the Wii, which made them think that they could not have high expectations for business on the Wii.”

One of biggest issue was according to Mr. Iwata that Nintendo did not invest in the creation of these games with third parties and that they are now ready to invest in such endeavors. The biggest question from all this, was this really the problem in the first place that Nintendo didn’t have enough titles available?

The Nintnedo Wii has far out done that of its competitors in terms of games to choose from since its release. Take, though a while back, the 4th quarter of 2007 when the Wii saw as many games released in this time period as the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 combine, according to Though many people view it as shovel-ware, this contradicts the claims made by Mr. Iwata during the conference call.

More importantly, the biggest piece of the pie that will bring the Nintendo Fans to the Wii U is most importantly that the games available on the system will be equal to that of its competitors, that they offer the same titles (yes, we are looking at you Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), and that they offer the same experiences (i.e. graphical content, online game play, etc).

It seems as though Nintendo is focusing on blaming the third parties for not embracing the Wii and original DS for what they were, but in contradiction we can see the support was there, but the lack of solid hardware, more difficult ports because of the control input, and lack of a good online gameplay interface is what truly plagued these systems. This is where Nintendo needs to focus with their new system, as well as hope that a new XBOX or Playstation Console will not put them even further behind in graphics making it once again hard for developers to embrace the newest iteration into Nintendo’s Console library.

What do you think the biggest issue was with the Wii? Sound off below…

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