Liquid Image Summit Series HD Review[Video]

Liquid Image Summit Series HD is a Snow Goggle with an integrated “true” POV HD Video camera. Liquid Image is located at the base of some of the world’s best slopes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The goggle contains a 136 degree (POV) wide-angle lens designed to capture the same range of vision the user can see with their eyes.

This unit has a 5.0 MP still camera mode, and a video mode that records HD720P video at a rate of up to 30 frames per second with superb audio. The Summit Series HD can accommodate Micro SD/SDHC cards of up to 32 GB capacity. The product includes a 4GB Micro SDHC card and a rechargeable Lithium battery. The capacity of the included SDHC memory the user can thousands to thousands of photos or numerous hours of HD video. Also included is a USB cable for use in copying the data to your computer. Another option for data transfer is via the included Micro SD reader, or users can use the provided AV cord for viewing photos and/or video while being connected to a TV.

The record light is a flashing blue light situated between the eyepieces on the goggles and is nearly impossible to view in daylight. There are small air holes in the top on the goggle lens which causes the blue record light to disappear into the blue sky. The blue light will change to red if you are in photo mode. Red is easy to see because red will stand out easily on a blue sky. It would be nice if they could make the blue light easier to view. Sometimes I would have to pull them off my face so I could see the light.

A great feature of this is the POV camera. There are many other cheaper helmet cams, but the price increase here is worth it. I have yet to see any other POV cameras. The GoPro is a great camera but a huge problem with it is that it is difficult to see what you’re filming and if you happen to hit a tree as a result, snap! There goes your camera. With this product it is more difficult to break the camera. In order to do so, you would have to do serious personal harm before the camera came close to breaking. A problem with it being integrated into the goggle is that it incorporates an expensive piece of technology with a cheap goggle.

Overall- Operation is easy and user-friendly. The camera’s two buttons are an on-off/mode switch and a record/shutter button. A long press on the on-off/mode button turns on the camera. A quick press switches the capture mode between video and photo. I give this camera 4.5 out of 5 gears.

4.5/5 Gears

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