TekGoblin Welcomes the DualStix Podcast

From the Dual Stix guys!

Hey guys, so coming up on Tuesday it will be 2 weeks since we last did a podcast for the So where did it go, did we drop it, or what? The answer is and emphatic NO! We are still here and actually getting bigger than ever! How you might ask is this possible? We are partnering with, which will be our new home for the Dualstix podcast.

So there are lots of changes that we are going through, including a new look for the site. You’ll still be able to go to but instead you’ll be routed to a brand new home page and on top of that routed to This is actually awesome for everyone!, if you haven’t been there averages about 30,000 hits a week and covers some awesome stuff, breaking news all over too! They were actually the first site to break the news that Project Natal would be called Kinect! This will be awesome for us with a bunch more exposure and be able to offer you more info, possibly even coverage from E3 next year pending expenses.

So there is a draw back to all of this too, but it was coming anyway. As a founder of the Podcast and preparing to move far enough away that driving wouldn’t really be an option weekly for the podcast, I, Aaron, will be phasing myself out over the next couple shows as it is best for the show and such an amazing opportunity for the dualstix branding. Trenton and Conner will still be around and a third person most likely added in. I will be a guest on the show and most likely writing reviews and such for TekGoblin as well to help out on that as Matt, founder of TekGoblin, expands his video game coverage.

This is all super exciting and you can actually expect better quality and more content, we will be recording this week in studio and getting the newly branded podcast up hopefully by next week!

New podcast starts recording Sunday July 8th.

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