Resistance 3 Online, Ticket Please

When Electronic Arts introduced the Online Pass for the 2011 version of its video games, mainly the sports titles, and the community was in upheaval. If you bought a brand new copy of the game, it was no problem; you got a pass to give you access to the latest and greatest rosters updates, access to play online, and more. If you got it used however, this is where the problem kicked in. If the previous person used the online pass it would cost you $10 dollars to play online and use those new features.

It looks as though Sony is taking a tip from the creator of the online pass, with its launch of Resistance 3, according to Though many rumors swirled about this months ago, it looks as though according to pictures of the new bundle set to release, including a Playstation 3 system with it, are showing that an Online Pass will be required to play it online and access online content for the game.

This would mark the first time that a company other than EA has required a key to play online on a console system. What’s your reaction, do you think more companies will go to this? Comment below

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