HDMI Org Demands Ban On Mini Displayport to HDMI Cable

HDMI Org is the current licensor for the HDMI standards and has demanded that the current Mini Displayport to HDMI cable be banned. The main reason is the standard dictates that both ends of an HDMI cable must be male and the Displayport falls out of that standard. The cables are unlicensed and must be removed from the market according to HDMI Org.

This isn’t supposed to affect cables like Apple’s Mini Display Port Adapter because it requires a separate standard HDMI cable before it hits the monitor. The display adapter does not make direct contact with the display so it does not violate the licensing. An adapter that does violate the license can be found here.

I think that the HDMI Org licensors have approached this problem the wrong way and should try to work out another deal with companies that make these cables. HDMI Org could simply license the connector on one end or create a new license for the new cable.

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