Apple Patents New Wireless Sharing Method In iOS

A patent has surfaced which illustrates a new wireless file sharing method for iPhone and iPad. The patents indicates that there will be a graphical representation of files being transferred between devices almost seamlessly over WiFi.

BGR thinks that this technology will no doubt compete with HP’s Web-OS that has a very similar feature for it’s users. HP calls the feature Touch-to-share and is pictured below you will visually see the transfer of file occurring:

It’s possible this feature could be tied into Apple’s upcoming iCloud service or AirDrop which will be available in OS X Lion. The sharing feature will be activated through physical or screen gestures that will initiate the transfer. From the Patent:

Particular embodiments of the subject matter described in this specification could be implemented to realize one or more of the following advantages. 1) Users could transfer files and other data between devices using intuitive gestures combined with animation based on physics metaphors. 2) Users could transfer files to a network using intuitive physical gestures, and 3) Users could broadcast files and other data to other devices using intuitive interface or physical gestures.

There is nothing new about sharing files over WiFi between devices and can be done easily with Dropbox, it will be the delivery method that will be different when released by Apple.

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