Apple Will Patch Latest Jailbreak Exploit

Jailbreak meThe all new Jailbreak.Me was recently released and would work both on the iPhone and iPad 2. This is due to a new exploit found in the iOS platform to which Apple says will be patched very soon.

Apple was contacted by the associated press and gave the following statement:

Apple Inc. spokeswoman Bethan Lloyd said Thursday the company is “aware of this reported issue and developing a fix that will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

She declined to specify when the update would be available.

We would guess that the update will appear within a few weeks, so if you want to continue to use Jailbreak.Me do not upgrade when the update comes out. This new exploit stems from an earlier PDF exploit that was used before. The irony is that Jailbroken iPhones are immune to the new exploit and security issue with PDF’s while non-jailbroken phones are not.

Read: MacRumors

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