FAA Allows iPad To Replace Flight Manuals

FAAThe Federal Aviation Administration has just approved the use of the iPad to replace traditional paper flight manuals in the cockpit. The iPad is supposed to replace over 40 pounds of paper manuals that currently exist in airplanes.

The FAA however has only authorized a “handful” of charter and commercial carriers to start using the iPad as a replacement. I would assume that the FAA may be actually piloting the program before authorizing other carriers to use them.

One of the airlines that was approved was Alaska Airlines which has submitted their proposal to the FAA back in May. To be considered for approval an airline must prepare a: “unique proposal on how they want to use the iPad and prove that both the device and software application are safe and effective for that proposed use,” according to the FAA deputy director of flight standards.

The new iPads will allow the pilots to access information faster than ever before, when a decision has to be made in the cockpit every second counts. Ill leave you with another interesting quote:

“I don’t remember a time when one product seemed to get so much buzz and acceptance,” Ian Twombly, spokesman for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, told The Times. “Many pilots approach new toys with skepticism, and the iPad seems to be almost universally appreciated as a cockpit device.”

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