Star Trek Has Arrived On Netflix As Promised

I logged onto Netflix, and I saw something that gave me the biggest smile. As promised earlier this year, Star Trek has arrived on Netflix.

I noticed that not all of the Star Trek was there yet but Star Trek TNG was there, Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise, The Original Series, and the new Star Trek Movie and not the rest yet. I now have a reason to be glued to my TV for a couple of months. Once again can I stare at the dashing Captain Picard, Wil Riker, Wesley Crusher (Mr. Wil Wheaton), Captain Janeway of Voyager, and the sexy Jolene Blalock as T’Pol. Yowza!

Netflix, you have made yet another nerd very happy. Live long and prosper. Proof of the Netflix awesomeness below.

What are you going to watch first? For me its Voyager.


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