Apple seeks to halt sale of four Samsung devices

On Friday Apple approached the US District Court of San Jose to issue a preliminary injunction against Samsung to halt the US sale of four Android devices. The injunction names four of Samsung’s Android devices: Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G, DROID Charge and Nexus S 4G.

The four Samsung devices allegedly violate 3 of Apple‘s design patents and 1 utility patent. Apple also says that: “The message that Samsung conveys to consumers with its imitative smartphone design is simple: ‘It’s just like an iPhone.’ Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet sends a similar message: ‘It’s just like an iPad,’” which was written in the injunction. According to Apple, Samsung it trying to steal some of the market share away from Apple by marketing their products in this way.

If Apple is granted this injunction, Samsung will be forced to remove all 4 of their products mentioned above from the US market until further notice. Also, if it is granted, this may force Samsung into an early settlement with Apple so they may continue to sell their products in the US market. In addition to all of this, Apple is asking for a jury trial to begin in February of 2011. This should accelerate the overall court process for Apple and Samsung.

11-07-01 Apple Motion for PI Against Samsung

Read: BGR, FossPatents

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