$1,000,000 iPhone 4 Prototype Anyone?

What would you pay for an iPhone 4 prototype that Apple engineers used. How about a cool million?

An iPhone 4 prototype is up on ebay right now, it didn’t start at 1 Million no, it got there after about 91 bids. It’s hard to believe that bids only started at $98 and quickly rose to a million.

The phone has a serial of XXXXX and FCC ID: BCGAXXXXX IC ID: 579C-AXXXXX. That proves that it was an unreleased version of the iPhone 4. Now all the million dollars will get you is a nice paper weight as this iPhone does not work at all, it has been supposedly bricked by Apple. It will not allow any software to be loaded onto it according to the current owner who even tried to use an AT&T sim to activate it.

Via: 9to5Mac

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