Samsung withdraws counter-suit against Apple

Samsung had filed a counter-suit against Apple in their ongoing legal battle which concerns similarities in the iOS device lineup against the Galaxy S lineup from Samsung. The counter-suit concerned the design of the user interface being very similar to that of Samsung’s: “related to fundamental innovations that increase mobile device reliability,efficiency, and quality, and improve user interface in mobile handsets and other products.”

Samsung dropped the suit yesterday June 30th in an attempt to streamline the legal preceding’s, Samsung says. This way the lawsuit doesn’t hold up the release of future devices from both companies. Samsung will however continue its legal battle in terms of copyright infringement in San Jose, California. Samsung and Apple still have legal battles taking place in at least 5 countries including: South Korea, Japan, Germany and the U.K. Samsung says they will continue to protect themselves against these suits:

“Samsung will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property,”

Read: Bloomberg

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  • Chester K

    Hey, so what happened who sued first?

  • Tristan Thomas


  • Anonymous

    Wait… who ripped off who again seeing as the iPhone predated all of this?

  • Giles Jones

    Apple sued Samsung about the look and feel and packaging similarities (which nobody in their right mind would say happened accidentally or were a coincidence).

    Samsung sued Apple for some other unrelated issue, just so it would either cause Apple to rethink or would at least help in the PR war.

  • Anonymous

    Um.. these interfaces are NOT unique. Every operating system has some sort of grid of icons that start programs. Long before phones had them. The real question is… how the hell else does apple expect anyone to do it? Its a common sence interface and apple does not own it.

    Secondly. Who do you think worked with apple to make every generation of iphone? Samsung.

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  • Peter Nemere

    I own a galaxy S, and I love it, however I do feel it is a bit of a shame it looks so similar to such an inferior and ugly device, as is the iphone 3.

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