Facebook to launch In-browser video chat with Skype integration

Facebook Invite

Mark Zukerberg told us to expect something awesome to be announced next week by Facebook but we didn’t expect this. According to the Seattle Press, Facebook will be launching a new in-browser video chat application that will integrate fully with Skype.
Select press were invited to the event which will take place on July 6th where the announcement will be made. The invitation itself hints to what is going to be discussed. On the invitation there are 2 chat bubbles one with a face of a person which would indicate some kind of video chat.

At this point however we don’t know if the application will work without Skype installed or will require some sort of browser plugin. This new partnership with Skype could increase the Skype population dramatically considering Facebook has around 750 million active users while Skype has just 170 million.

News of this comes shortly after Microsoft acquires Skype, I wonder if Microsoft was already aware of this deal before they purchased Skype? More details to come on the 6th.

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