Foxconn to replace workers with 1 million robots

Foxconn has announced plans to substitute a percentage of its total workforce with 1 million robots over a period of 3 years. Terry Gou, founder and chairman of Foxconn, revealed this information during a dance party which Foxconn workers were present.

The change is to improve overall efficiency to the factories while also cutting labor costs. The company currently utilizes 30,000 robots which they plan to increase to 300,000 next year and 1 million in 3 years. Foxconn currently employs 1.2 million employees, so many of them may lose their jobs within the next 3 years. If I were them, I would get certified in CNC robot maintenance and programming.

Foxconn also gets approximately 20% of its $93.4 billion in income from Apple.

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DualStix By TekGoblin Episode 4 – Special Edition This

Welcome to DualStix Episode 4 brought to you by TekGoblin. Special guests on this show include Tristan Thomas of via Skype. Normal attendees include Conner Bays, and Tenton Bailey. Listen to the podcast and comment below if you would like to participate in later shows or have any comments at all.

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isostick Aims to Alleviate Physical Disk Annoyance

A new project by Elegant Invention in South Bend, IN began on Kickstarter which poses the idea of a USB stick that pretends that it is an optical (CD/DVD) drive. They call it isostick, and it makes the computer believe that there is a USB flash drive and an optical drive plugged in so you can use any CD/DVD images known as ISO files.

The great idea behind this device is the ability to boot ISO files from the BIOS which would save the problem of having to make a physical disk in order to load your OS or another program without having to load up an OS. The device also comes with a read-only switch so you never have to worry about a virus making its way onto the device or overwriting the ISO files.

The device is mostly targeted towards IT people, computer technicians, and geeks in general. And as one myself I understand completely as it can rid the burden of constantly needing to create disks, carry them to client’s homes and then worry if they will get lost, scratched or just stop working. Most annoyingly is having to update your software on your disk with new updates, or patches where with an ISO file you just replace the old one and you’re done. More isostick awesomeness inside..

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Logitech Revue slashed to $99 as promised

logitech revue

Logitech had announced that the Logitech Revue their Google TV set top box was not making sales goals. Their response to this was to lower the price from $249 to a mere $99 but will that be enough?

Google TV has had a rough start which may be causing the slow adoption of these set top boxes. The $99 price may help the sales of the device but I am not sure that the buyer will get what they are looking for until Google can add more content to their service.

Logitech does however promise that the update to Android 3.1 will be coming soon and it will increase the overall experience on the Revue.

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Anonymous Claims Network Intrusion on FBI Cyber-Security Contractor ManTech

Anonymous has claimed to have “owned” the defense contractor ManTech International and promised to release the stolen information within 24 hours according to a Twitter post that appeared shortly after midnight on July 29th.

Some documents have already been posted as “teasers”, including a resume of an individual with significant military and law enforcement background and a statement of work memo from NATO communication and Information Systems Services Agency. About 500MB of files are expected to be released.

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