What is Going on With Netflix Lately?

Netflix LogoI love Netflix, and I am sure you do too if you have a subscription. I have been using if without a problem for the past couple of years but have been having issues recently. In my opinion, Netflix has had more service issues this year than in the past. We have kept a record of Netflix outages here on TekGoblin on our Unofficial Netflix Service Status page which is powered by our users. The stats indicate that there has been a service interruption on Netflix multiple times every week for the past several weeks.

My suspicion is that Netflix may be experiencing growing pains and is growing too quickly for their servers to compensate. In the past year Netflix was growing at a rate of 44%. I can only imagine that the number is getting bigger as time passes and will be even larger by the end of this year. Until Netflix acknowledges the problem and lets us know what’s going on, be sure to stay informed on our Netflix Status Page.

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