Apple May Release Two iPhone Models This Fall

iphone 4s 5Instead of releasing just the next generation iPhone 5 this fall, Apple may be releasing two models of the iPhone. According to Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore, we should expect both an iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 this fall.

He expects Apple to try and penetrate the mid-range mobile phone market with the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s will also be available on a pre-paid cellular plan, but without the benefit of two-year contract discount pricing the cost will range from $300-$500 with a phone price of $349. The goal of this release would be to pin new users onto the Apple iPhone for now and in the future.

Another confirmation is also given where the iPhone may still come this fall in the September timeframe.

If production for what Huberty sees as one new iPhone doesn’t start until in mid to late August, the launch might not come until late September. In her unit sales spreadsheet, copied below, she’s shifted 2 million iPhones from calendar Q3 to calendar Q4 (Apple’s fiscal Q4 and Q1 2012). If the launch comes in early September, she says, she’ll shift them back.


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