Anonymous Strikes Again; Releases Anti-Cyberterrorism Training Files

cyber terrorism

Just after news of the breakup of the hacking group Lulzsec, Anonymous is at it again. The group Anonymous tweeted about their most recent fiasco:

Little teaser while we work on the actual release: Ever interested in anti-cyberterrorism training?

Anonymous has published an anti-cyberterrorism video that was supposedly the property of a private security firm. However, evidence suggesting that it may have actually been published by FEMA. It may have been part of their Counter Terrorism Defense Initiative training program.

Among the files are:

-Many documents and links to security and hacking resources that are freely available on the internet

-Lists of FBI bureau addresses throughout the USA

-Stock letters on how to officially request user information from Internet Service Providers and obtain warrants

-Numerous hacking and counter-hacking tools

We found a huge chest of 40 Terabytes internal data from some $evilcompany. Unsure how to carry, as most boats would sink. :/ #AntiSec

The amount of files obtained totaled approximately 40TB of data, which is 4,000 gigabytes- a very large amount. Additionally, it appears as though some of the members of the now disbanded Lulzsec have joined Anonymous and will now be working as one.


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