MyDitto Review: Your Own Personal Cloud

My Ditto

The MyDitto is your own personal Network Storage Device and Cloud Server. It can be used for both personal and business use.

The people over at Dane-Elec sent us over a MyDitto to take a look at and here is what we thought. The MyDitto was pretty easy to set up, as it was accomplished in less than 5 minutes. I plugged in one of the 2 USB keys that come with the MyDitto and in seconds I was transferring data over to the MyDitto server to be shared on my network. The MyDitto can also be used as a network backup server to keep all of your data stored in a second location in case you accidentally delete some of your important data.

The MyDitto came packaged with a 500gb hard drive, but supports up to 4TB of total storage because it is able to accommodate two 2TB hard drives. You can also set up raid between two different hard drives for better data redundancy which is great for business applications.

MyDitto CP

The MyDitto software was fairly easy to learn how to operate after a few minutes of tinkering. I transferred a few videos and flagged some files for backup to the server. Files and videos are easy to access from your local network because the MyDitto uses the Samba or SMB protocol for file sharing. In seconds I was able to re-download or access my files on the local network. Happily, MyDitto supports 1Gbps connection speeds if your network is capable of such a speed.

If you are outside your local network, just plug in one of the 2 USB keys provided with the MyDitto (more can be created easily) and launch the software and you will then have full remote access to your files.

Honestly, the MyDitto comes very close in comparison to your own personal Dropbox on your local network. One of the best features is that you can stream media directly from the device to your Xbox 360, Boxee, or other media device on your network. There is no need for a computer to be serving media with the MyDitto server. With the 1Gbps LAN connection speeds there will be no video stuttering or buffering slowdowns either.

In conclusion, I absolutely love the MyDitto and wish to have one of my very own. I believe MyDitto is going to be one of many of these devices that will pop up in the very near future. The idea of creating your own personal file sharing cloud at home has been around for a very long time but has never been as simple as a single device as it is now. Before, it was necessary to create a computer dedicated to this operation, but no more. Overall I give the MyDitto a 4.5/5 Gears and recommend anyone looking for a personal backup/storage/cloud server to take a look at the MyDitto.

4.5/5 Gears

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