Leaked AT&T Documents Indicate LTE iPad, iPhone 5

Documents which were leaked out of AT&T because of Lulzsec indicate that AT&T may be testing a LTE version of the iPad. The document also indicates that testing will occur in November and December of 2011 which means that if there was an iPad 3 at the end of this year it may not be LTE enabled.

Pre-LTE scenarios. Testing will include iPad new activations HLS using the new rate plan, as well as a regression on netbooks and dongles.  During validation E2E execution should ensure all functionality new and current is still functioning properly by validating account set up, provisioning, usage and notifications.
•SBP ST scenarios.  Testing will include activations, add stacked plans, add international plans, perform customer service functions using the LTE devices.  Testing will validate device is being provisioned and the proper policy from PCRF are being enforced.  Usage should be added to decrement the account when needed in order to show RTDUNS are functioning properly.

The document does indicate that AT&T may launch their 4G LTE network at the end of the year but it does not indicated that there will be an LTE enabled iPhone. However has found proof that there will be an LTE enabled iPhone in the future but if a September released occurrs it may be released before LTE rolls out. So the next iPhone 5 could actually support LTE but not be able to use it until later in the year or early 2012.

The document above shows phase 2 testing complete on July 15th if we are reading it correctly. If this date is true that means that an LTE ready iPhone would be ready for deployment in September as predicted. Check out the AT&T documents below for more information.

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LTE summary_1101 11.10.10

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