Geohot Now Works at Facebook

The infamous George Hotz better known as Geohot is now working at Facebook. Geohot is known for exploiting both the PS3 and the iPhone. I guess all of that hacking of the iPhone and PlayStation have finally paid off for him.

It appears that Geohot has actually been working at Facebook since May but actually announced it on his Facebook page on June 17th. This news was uncovered by Techunwrapped who also Joshua Hill a member of the ChronicDev Team who also said that Geohot had gone MIA for a while supposedly working at his day job at Facebook. Geohot even went as far as writing “is Facebook is really an amazing place to work…first hackathon over” on his Facebook status. Supposedly he will be working on iOS apps at Facebook, maybe now they will get an iPad app. Good luck with the new job Geohot, we hope your hacking days aren’t completely over.

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