Google Under Review by FTC

Google has officially received notification that the Federal Trade Commission has placed them under review.  With Google being the dominant player in the search arena, the company is subject to more scrutiny says Google.

in a world where the competition is only one click away. Still, we recognize that our success has led to greater scrutiny.

Google is unclear on what the FTC concerns actually are in which they stated on their blog. We don’t know what Google is being charged with or being investigated for but it could be antitrust or monopolistic. Google has been accused antitrust practices before because they have dominated search in such a large way and even monopolistic tendencies. These stem from the results that you get when you search for something in the Google search engine. Most of the time you will get a Google service first over someone else service that is very similar.

I am sure we will learn more as time passes on this issue and we will keep you updated here. Let us know what you think about Google and the FTC below.

Read: Reuters

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