HTC Trophy from Verizon Wireless Review

The Verizon HTC Trophy is the first Windows Phone 7 device to grace the halls of Big Red and its an adequate device for those looking for a median range smartphone which just happens to be Global Ready. This is not what you would call a super-phone but it does offer cool features in a lightweight compact form factor without being to small. So as little red riding hood might have said if she saw this smartphone…Not to big, not to small, but just right!


The HTC Trophy is a 3G enabled device with no LTE 4G support which always brings a tear to my eyes. Indeed we are amiss when any new smartphone with Verizon comes without that LTE 4G goodness that we have come to love. The Trophy still has the carrier with the most 3G nationwide coverage powering its service. So data reliability should not be an issue even though speeds will not be LTE laced.

Right out of the box you get Netflix, Slacker Radio, HTC HUB, and Office pre-installed on this device. All you need after that is a live email address (MSN,Hotmail,or Live) to access the Windows Marketplace to download even more apps onto this device and personalize it to your likes. Nothing really super exciting about this device to set it apart in software from other Windows Phone 7 options on Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile.


Even though I personally prefer 4-inch displays and larger for smartphones the Trophy just feels truly great while I hold it in my hands. Both the weight and size are agreeable to my hands and pockets. It features a 3.8-inch WVGA TFT capacitive 480×800 display and weighs 4.94 ounces. The screen resolution is not in the upper tier of display quality when you compare to some other Verizon Wireless devices, but again that is why I believe that the Trophy is not, by any means, meant to be a super-phone. The entire rim of device along with the back is a nice coated black color with a matte feel to it which makes it easier to grip onto as well.

The device may not have 4G but it makes up for it to business users and travelers by being a World Phone with both CDMA(800/1900 MHz) and GSM(850/900/1800/1900 MHz) bands so the device can be used in other countries in addition to here in the states. The HTC Trophy is also powered by a 1GHZ Qualcomm MS8650 single core processor. The battery life of this device has been more marginally sufficient so far based on my usage. The reason I have been impressed is because the device has a 1300 mAh battery which at first alarmed me as most smartphones come with 1500 mAh or higher and can still have poor batter battery life. I guess Microsoft has figured away to minimize the amount of power that their operating system needs on the mobile platform.
A few things that were missed on this device was a lack of front facing camera which a feature equivalent device on Verizon like the Android powered Incredible 2 even has and is also made by HTC. The Trophy can record video on the rear 5-Megapixel camera with LED flash which records 720p HD video but there is no Micro HDMI port so no way for instant corded viewing on an HD television. There is a hardware camera button which is always a physcial plus to me on these devices these days as many manufacturers choose to only have camera controls on the screen. Besides that, the Trophy also includes Bluetooth and WIFI with b,g, and n support, a 3.5mm headset jack, Micro-USB port for charging/syncing and 16GB of internal memory along with 576MB of RAM. Disappointing to see is there is no expandable memory card slot to allow you to get additional memory on the Trophy besides just the internal.


The HTC Trophy is currently priced at $149.99 with 2-YR new contract in most mainstream retailers so the price is under the $200 price range. However, I believe that the included features and lack of others should have this device priced at around $99.99. Now that personal suggestion of a lower price tag is not to belittle the device. That is quite the opposite as it has been a reliable device so far, I simply set price limits in my mind based on features. No complaints on my end for call quality, battery life seems reasonable so far, and the weight and size is definitely going to be a selling point to many who may want the device to “Rule The Air,” but not to rule their hands or pockets. I have mentioned what it has and lacks so far and I hope based on that you can see what you may want in a new smartphone or what you cannot live without.
If you need one or a combination of LTE 4G, front facing-camera, a 4-inch or larger screen, and maybe expandable memory than this may not be the right device for you. But if you are new to smartphones and the included features on this device alone are enough and you would like Microsoft integration between such things as Office or XBOX Live than the HTC Trophy may just be your next device! Check out my video unboxing of this device below to see it live and up close with my first impressions out of the box!


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