Hulu May Go On Sale

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Hulu has been approached with a buyout offer that it is actually considering to accept. In a tweet by Julia Boorstin of CNBC she states:

Sources tell me Hulu was approached with a buyout offer- NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE $NFLX $CMCSA $DIS $NWS

Another tweet also made by a WSJ reporter:

WSJ: Hulu is weighing whether to sell itself after a potential buyer approached it with an offer — Sources. Story to follow

Julia states that the offer did not come from Google but also has not stated from whom the offer was issued. This will be pretty hot news for a while until Hulu steps up and lets us know what is actually going on. What big tech giant could be offering them a buyout? Could it be Microsoft? Facebook? Who knows?

If Facebook took on the Hulu site, they could push that content to the entire Facebook user base- which would be a very, very, large market, and probably very profitable.

We will provide more updates as we get them.

Read: CNBC (Tweet), BI

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