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CG Wallpapers HD is an app that iOS users can buy so that they may choose from a wide array of beautifully rendered pieces of art for use as their home or lock screen backgrounds. Recently, I was able to use the app which features a “best of” selection from the CG Wallpapers website in which the participating artists submitted high-resolution versions of their artwork so that they would better accommodate the size of the iPad‘s screen, as well as for its rotation. Some are better when viewed in the horizontal format, others are best when viewed vertically. Details that might not have otherwise been displayed in the image horizontally are added when the device is turned to vertical view.wallpaper

The current library, which highlights only a selection of what CG Wallpapers has to offer, includes 100 works of art varying from humorous flights of fancy to gothic works of art, as well as some beautiful and simple images that are intended for those looking for a more utilitarian background for their device. Some of the images are so beautifully detailed that they could make a screen with app icons on it rather confusing to navigate, in my opinion these would serve better as lock screens when compared with their counterparts that have wide and sprawling negative space with muted tones, as though the artist specifically engineered it to serve as a less busy background for the home screen.

wallpaper 3

Overall, the app seems engineered more toward men than women, as most of the images feature beautiful and voluptuous women as fantasy characters ranging from angels to biologically engineered robots and half human half fox creatures. This does not necessarily mean that a woman might not get any use out of this app. Speaking as a woman, and as an artist, I can appreciate the artistic integrity of all of the works of art submitted for the program. It seems that each entry was carefully considered before inclusion in the final offering, because there is not a single wallpaper that I can say lacks artistic integrity or a beautiful detail that can be appreciated by any art enthusiast. My personal favorite features a very well detailed and menacing Orc leering over a small, pink, fuzzy, cat-eared creature holding a daisy, which he is extending towards the Orc even as his horrific snarling face looms above. With offerings of humor, sci-fi fantasy and plain reverent beauty, there is a wallpaper to suit everyone. I give this app a 3.5 out of 5 gears for now, as the 100 wallpapers that are currently on offer will continue to be all their library contains until a future update. The update will depend on the overall success of the app, the more people that become interested, the more regularly they will add new artwork to the gallery through software updates.
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